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Zia Supports Navy “Next Generation” Test Range Requirements
Zia’s “SeaPort Next Generation” (NxG) contract for Engineering and Program Management services provides the capability for nationwide support to the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) and other major Navy systems commands. A “streamlined” version of Zia’s two previously awarded SeaPort-e contracts. SeaPort NxG reduces administrative overhead and provides rapid online turnaround support to customers in twenty-three technical support areas.

Zia has a 14-year history of support to Navy weapons test programs and activities at the White Sands Missile Range (WSMR). These programs are administered by the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), Port Hueneme, White Sands Detachment which is a Naval Sea Systems Command Activity. Programs Zia has supported include the latest generation of Navy surface to air missiles, hypervelocity gun systems, and directed energy weapons. The current NxG contract performance period extends through 2024 with an additional 5-year option until 2029.

The contract provides for the rapid addition of team members to augment Zia’s in house staff and capabilities and to provide customers with a means of obtaining needed services from organizations that do not have a current SeaPort contract.

For more information and to discuss opportunities using Zia’s SeaPort NxG vehicle or to join our team please see: http://ziaeec.com/SeaPort-NxG.aspx or contact our SeaPort NxG task coordinator at wrdailey@ziaeec.com.

eFAST Provides Rapid Support Capability to the FAA
Zia’s eFAST Master Ordering Agreement (MOA) contract vehicle with the Federal Aviation Administration provides for rapid support capability to meet FAA requirements for Air Transportation Support (ATS) and Engineering Services (ES).

Zia has provided support to the FAA both directly and indirectly (via airport projects funded by FAA grants) throughout New Mexico and west Texas. Tasks have included cultural and natural resources surveys and airport civil engineering design and construction management for runways and other airport infrastructure.

The eFAST (electronic FAA accelerated and simplified tasks) MOA provides FAA customers with direct (sole source) acquisition opportunities through small business and is designed to reduce acquisition time. The contract performance period extends through 2024 with additional options thru 2029.

For more information on eFAST see eFAST (FAA.gov) or contact our eFAST task coordinator at rromero@ziaeec.com .

Zia Supports Spaceport America

Spaceport America was the original purpose-built space launch facility in the U.S. and remains one of the premier space launch facilities in the country.

With new tenants locating to the facility the Spaceport is poised in 2022 and beyond for a continuing expansion in launch activities. These include UAS and sub orbital vertical launch testing as well as commercial space tourism flight launch operations.

Since 2006 the New Mexico Spaceport Authority has contracted with Zia to complete on-call environmental tasks for the Spaceport America site in Doña Ana and Sierra Counties New Mexico.

Completion of these projects to meet State and Federal regulatory requirements is crucial to the ability of the Spaceport to continue and expand operations to support the increasing launch schedule.

The project site encompasses a total of 18,000 acres of New Mexico State Trust, Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands, and private lands. Zia has surveyed over 3,600 acres at the site. Zia’s services include NEPA and ESA compliance as well as cultural and biological impact mitigation plans to support the Spaceport’s ongoing construction and expansion activities.

Zia’s team of science professionals led by Victoria Brown, PMP, and Victor Gibbs, RPA, conducting various cultural resources surveys and cultural data recovery activities including curation of artifacts; Threatened, Endangered, and other Special Status Species surveys; and numerous biological surveys, including nest surveys and monitoring.

For more information on Spaceport America see: https://www.spaceportamerica.com

NRCS Cultural Resources Surveys Total Thousands of Acres Across New Mexico

Since 2018 Zia’s cultural resource professionals have been conducting intensive pedestrian cultural resources inventories for USDA NRCS land management projects. The surveys cover a wide variety of private and New Mexico State Trust lands totaling thousands of acres and all types of terrain. Current and recent past projects include:

Survey Acreage
De Baca County, NM
Grant County, NM
Guadalupe County, NM
Harding County, NM
Lea County, NM
Lincoln County, NM
Quay County, NM
San Miguel County, NM
Socorro County, NM
Torrance County, NM
Union County, NM
That’s a lot of trekking throughout New Mexico! Our seasoned team of professional field archaeologists is headed by Victor Gibbs, RPA – Principal Investigator.

Zia Support to NRI – USDA NRCS Overcomes 2021 COVID Challenges and Looks Ahead to 2022
Zia recently completed six years of ongoing support for the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA NRCS) conducting annual National Resources Inventories in Colorado and New Mexico. Despite ongoing challenges from COVID 19 in the most recent performance period which finished in September 2021 Zia completed all required activities and data collection and submission deadlines on schedule.

Based on this success, USDA/NRCS New Mexico awarded Zia a new contract in 2019. We will continue supporting the Natural Resources Inventory for New Mexico through 2023 with this year’s performance beginning in the Spring.

The work includes collection of rangeland resources data on hundreds of selected sample sites (points) for the National Resources Inventory (NRI), Rangeland Field Study. The NRI program requires rigorous scientific and sample survey protocols as well as the ability to meet tight deadlines for data submission. The program encompasses a wide variety of Range, Pasture, and Bureau of Land Management inventory sites in the state.

Each inventory site is called a Segment and is about 160 acres in size. Data is collected by data collection teams consisting of two or more members. The data collection is conducted on public & private land requiring close coordination with landowners to meet survey data collection timelines.

Collected data is entered into handheld Computer Assisted Survey Instruments using approved software provided by USDA NRCS. Data is transmitted to the USDA NRCS Iowa State University Center for Survey Statistics & Methodology located in Ames, Iowa.

The work includes collection of rangeland resources data on hundreds of selected sample sites (points) for the National Resources Inventory (NRI), Rangeland Field Study in each state. The NRI program is based upon scientific and rigorous sample survey protocols. Each state in the program has a combination of Range, Pasture and Bureau of Land Management inventory sites in the state. Each inventory site is called a Segment and is about 160 acres in size. Data are to be collected by data collection teams consisting of two or more members. The data collection is conducted on private & public land. Collected data is entered into handheld Computer Assisted Survey Instruments using approved software provided by USDA NRCS. Data is transmitted to the USDA NRCS Iowa State University Center for Survey Statistics & Methodology located in Ames, Iowa.

Headed by Victor Gibbs, RPA, Zia’s success is due to our excellent field teams spread throughout the state many of whom are former NRCS professionals with the qualifications, experience and knowledge of plant and soil attributes in New Mexico to successfully address the NRI needs.

As Zia’s President, Edward Martinez, noted, “The quality of the work completed by our field teams is instrumental in our success in winning the continuation of this work in New Mexico. We appreciate our staff’s efforts and look forward to continuing to serve the USDA NRCS for the coming years.” Zia has successfully worked with the USDA NRCS throughout New Mexico and the Midwest over the years through various USDA NRCS issued contracts for rangeland, wetlands, and natural resources efforts.

Zia Environmental Technicians – “Ninja Turtles” – Provide Aid in Detecting COVID-19
“Ninja Turtles” Joe Garza and Tom Johnson of Zia pulling a sample (Photo by Victor Gibbs, RPA)

Providing another tool in the fight to detect and control the spread of COVID-19 Zia’s team of “Ninja Turtle” environmental technicians has provided wastewater sampling support to the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) to detect the presence of Covid-19 at selected facility sampling points. This enables municipal government and health authorities to better gauge the spread and level of transmission of the virus.

The team is led by “Head Ninja Turtle” Victoria Brown, Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Program Manager. Additional key team members include Joe Garza, Tom Johnson, and Victor Gibbs.

The team has been recognized in local news reports including: How 'sewer sleuthing' headed off COVID-19 outbreak at juvenile facility (lcsun-news.com) and NMED Fighting the Pandemic from the Sewers.

The sampling program was funded through the federal CARES Act enabling NMED to rapidly launch the wastewater monitoring program to detect COVID-19 and prioritize the use of individual testing to identify and mitigate the spread.

Zia Receives NM COVID-Safe Certified Designation
After successfully completing the required employee training in COVID safe practices published by the New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) Zia has recently received its certification as a New Mexico Safe Certified business from the New Mexico Society of Association Executives (NMSAE).

This certification provides both employees and clients the assurance that in addition to current CDC guidelines and requirements Zia follows all current NMDOH COVID prevention and safety procedures when conducting business in both its offices and during field operations.

Businesses which are NM Safe Certified are awarded and allowed to display the NM Safe Certified seal as a visible notice to clients of this important COVID safety information.

For additional detail on the NM Safe Certified program for businesses please see this link: https://nmsafecertified.org/

Zia Teams Complete Survey of Blue Water Canyon for BLM
Zia cultural resource management professionals closed out 2021 with the completion of the first task order awarded under a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) awarded to Zia to provide Cultural Resources Surveys throughout the state of New Mexico.

The team successfully conducted an intensive pedestrian survey of 550 acres in the rugged Blue Water Canyon area in Cibola County in northwestern New Mexico. The survey objective was to complete an archaeological investigation documenting the cultural properties within the project area including documenting any new sites identified and updating any previously documented sites. The surveyed area has been occupied by humans for approximately 12,000 years and contains cultural resources extending from the prehistoric to the modern era.

Under the terms of Zia’s BPA , which extends until 2026, our CRM team looks forward to conducting additional surveys of designated BLM land areas. These surveys carry out the important mission of identifying and evaluating what cultural resources may be present that require protection or other actions to comply with both federal and state environmental and land use laws and regulations.

Cultural resources are definite locations of human activity, occupation, or use identifiable through literature searches, survey, historical documentation, or oral evidence. The term includes archaeological, historic, or architectural sites, structures, or places with important public and scientific uses, and may include definite locations (sites or places) of traditional cultural or religious importance to specified social and/or cultural groups.

Since its founding in Las Cruces in 2000 Zia has conducted numerous cultural resources surveys totaling thousands of acres in area throughout all parts of New Mexico.

Zia’s CRM team is under the able leadership of Victor Gibbs, RPA. For more information on Zia’s CRM resources or to discuss CRM teaming or related business opportunities please contact Victor at vrgibbs@ziaeec.com

Zia Provides Environmental Services for the Proposed Las Cruces Innovation and Industrial Park
The City of Las Cruces is developing the Las Cruces Innovation and Industrial Park located on I-10 just south of the Las Cruces International Airport. The Park will house light industry, general manufacturing, aviation, and technology-based industries serving the Borderland. The site is made up of 13 parcels of land totaling 499 acres. The Master Plan and map of the area details for the Park is located on the City of Las Cruces website: https://www.las-cruces.org/2420/Las-Cruces-Innovation-and-Industrial-Par

Zia’s Project Manager, Leah Markiewitz, M.NR, managed the project to which a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), wetland determination, biological and cultural resources surveys of all the parcels located throughout the site were completed. Additionally she coordinated with the City of Las Cruces and the US Army Corps of Engineers concerning arroyos in the area that could be determined jurisdictional waterways.

Zia Teams to Conduct Paleo Monitoring and Biological Mitigation Survey for the East Mesa Public Recreation Complex Phase I and Sonoma Springs Avenue in Las Cruces, NM
The City of Las Cruces is planning to construct the East Mesa Public Recreation Complex (EMPRC) Phase I and extend Sonoma Springs Ave from Pagosa Hills Ave to the east to access the complex, on BLM land. To support this important project Zia will be conducting construction monitoring of potential paleontological resources as well as Biological Mitigation Surveys for the EMPRC Phase I and Sonoma Springs Ave. Roadway Extension. The biological mitigation surveys include migratory bird burrowing owl, as well as noxious weed identification and removal surveys.

Zia is teamed with Ms. Kate Zeigler, Ph.D., CPG, of Zeigler Geologic Consulting, a BLM-approved mitigation paleontologist, to provide these highly specialized monitoring services. Previous survey and monitoring efforts for paleontological resources for the EMPRC have resulted in the discoveries of several scientifically important fossil resources in the vicinity, including fossil material from Ice Age horses, camels, and invertebrates. These fossils are helping us understand more about what the ancestral Rio Grande valley looked like thousands of years ago.

Zia’s Leah Markiewitz, M.NR, will manage the Biological Mitigation efforts and surveys. Zia’s project manager and cultural resources specialist Victor Gibbs, RPA, is managing the construction monitoring for the overall project.

Fossil horse tooth, crusted with sand and pebbles, discovered during construction along EMPRC access road

GSA Awards Zia Long Term Environmental Consulting Services Contract
The General Services Administration (GSA) has awarded Zia a new long term contract for environmental consulting services under GSA’s multiple award schedule (MAS) program. The award was made under GSA’s streamlined procedures on the basis of Zia’s previously demonstrated 14 year history of successful performance of GSA contracts.

The contract (GSA-47QRAA21D00AN) was awarded in September 2021 with an initial performance period extending until September 2026 and additional Options for performance through 2040. The contract provides government customers with access to the full range of Zia environmental, remediation, and GIS professional services.

For more information and to view Zia’s online catalog of available services please visit the GSA advantage website at: GSA eLibrary Contractor Information